How do I get custom packaging?

Find out how to get customized packaging for your company. Tips and tricks for creating unique and effective packaging.
packaging personnalisé

Product packaging is one of the key elements in attracting customer attention and standing out from the competition. Customized packaging not only makes your brand stand out, but also reinforces your company’s identity. In this article, we’ll take you through the various steps involved in creating effective, eye-catching custom packaging, as well as tips on how to create a unique, made-to-measure package. Whether you’re a small company or a major brand, you’ll find everything you need to know here to have packaging that makes a difference.

The benefits of customized packaging

Customized packaging can offer several advantages, allowing your company to:

Strengthen brand image


Customized packaging can help your product stand out on store shelves, creating a unique and memorable impression for consumers. This can help your company stand out from the competition and attract potential customers’attention.

By using colors, designs and logos that match your company and brand, you can strengthen your brand image and increase brand recognition. This can help customers easily identify your products and associate them with your company.

Improving the customer experience

Customized packaging can offer a more pleasant and engaging customer experience. By using attractive designs and providing clear product information, you can help customers better understand what they’re buying and feel more confident in their purchase.

Increasing perceived product value

Customized packaging can give the impression that your product is of higher quality and more exclusive, which can increase the perceived value of your product in the eyes of customers. This can lead them to be willing to pay more for your product.

Protecting the product

By using custom-made, bespoke packaging, you can ensure that your product is properly protected during transportation and storage, which can reduce product damage and loss.

In comparison with standard packaging, custom packaging can therefore offer many advantages for your company. It can help to reinforce your brand image, improve the customer experience, increase the perceived value of your product, protect your product and stand out from the competition.

Customized packaging can also be used to enhance your company’s image.

Elements to consider when creating customized packaging

When creating custom packaging, it is important to take the following elements into account:

The characteristics of your product

The packaging must be designed to fit your product’s characteristics. It must be strong enough to protect the product during transport and storage, and functional enough to allow easy use by the consumer.

The target audience

You need to know your target audience and their packaging preferences. For example, if your target audience is mainly young adults, you might opt for a bolder, more modern design, while if your target audience is mainly older people, you might opt for a more classic, simple design.

Costs and deadlines

Creating custom packaging can be costly and time-consuming. So it’s important to factor these factors into your planning process. You need to consider design and production costs, as well as production and delivery times. This is to ensure that customized packaging is feasible for your company.

The different options for creating customized packaging

There are several options for creating customized packaging:

Use a designer or specialized agency


If you don’t have the skills to create a custom packaging design, you can call on a designer or agency specializing in packaging creation. They can help you create a design that suits your company and your product. All the while taking into account the product’s characteristics and the preferences of your target audience. To find the best designer, you can go to BeFreelancr, the freelance platform.

Use customizable templates

If you want to create your own packaging design, but don’t have the graphic design skills, you can use customizable templates. These templates are often available online and can be customized with your own logo, text and colors.

Create your own design

If you have the graphic design skills, you can create your own custom packaging design. This option can be more economical than hiring a designer or agency, but it does require skills in design and graphic design software.

The making of your customized packaging

The steps involved in producing your packaging

The production of customized packaging involves several steps:

–        Design

The first step is to design your personalized packaging. You can create your design yourself or call on a designer or specialized agency.

–       Prototype

Once you have your design, you can create a prototype of your customized packaging. This allows you to test the design and verify that the packaging is perfectly suited to your product.

–        Production

After validating the prototype, you can launch production of your customized packaging. You need to choose a reliable and competent manufacturer to guarantee the quality of your packaging.

–        Delivery

After production, your customized packaging must be delivered to your company or warehouse. You need to plan delivery according to your needs and production deadlines.

Mistakes to avoid

It’s important to avoid certain mistakes when creating your custom packaging:

  • Do not take into account the characteristics of your product: Your customized packaging must be designed to fit your product’s characteristics and guarantee adequate protection.
  • Don&#8217t take your target audience&#8217s preferences into account: You need to know your target audience&#8217s packaging preferences to create customized packaging that suits their needs.
  • Not sticking to your budget: You need to plan your budget around design and production costs to avoid overspending.
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