How do I mix the video mix?

Learn how to perfect your video mixing with our professional tips. Improve the quality of your production in just a few steps.
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Are you looking to improve the quality of your video productions? Mixing is a crucial step in achieving a professional, captivating result for your audience. In this article, we offer tips and advice from professionals on how to achieve top-quality video mixing. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll find useful information to improve your technique and achieve outstanding results. Follow us to find out how to make a video mixing mix!

What is video mixing?

Video mixing is an essential step in audiovisual production, involving the blending of different sound and music elements with images to create a coherent, harmonious soundtrack. It allows you to adjust sound level, equalization, compression and audio effects to make the video soundtrack more professional and captivating for the audience.

It also gives the video a sense of depth and realism by creating a sound environment to match the image. It can be performed with a variety of video editing software and specialized plug-ins for audio mixing.

It can also be performed with a variety of video editing software and specialized plugins for audio mixing.

What are the elements to take into account when mixing video ?

There are several elements to consider in video mixing to create a quality soundtrack. Here are the main ones:

The different types of sound to mix:

Voice, music, sound effects, ambience, etc. It’s important to distinguish between them and adjust them according to their role in the video.

Basic settings

Sound level, equalization, compression, reverb, etc. They allow you to adjust the sonic characteristics of each element to match the rest of the soundtrack.

Using plugins

Specific tools can be used to enhance the video mix, such as plugins for equalization, reverberation, noise suppression, etc.

Sound harmonization

It is important to create harmony between the sound elements and the image so that the rendering is coherent.

Adapting to broadcast media

The video mix must be adjusted according to the broadcast media (television, cinema, computer, smartphone…) to guarantee an optimal sound experience for the audience.

What are advanced video mixing techniques ?

There are several advanced video mixing techniques that can significantly improve the quality of the video soundtrack. Here are the main ones:


This technique involves lowering the sound level of music or sound effects to bring out the voice when it’s present. It improves the clarity of the voice and makes it easier for the audience to understand.


By playing with the left and right channels, it is possible to create a stereo effect in the mix. This gives an impression of depth and sonic space.


By adding reverberation effects and playing with the volume of different sound elements, it is possible to give the impression of a more realistic and immersive sound environment.

Multi-track mixing

This technique allows you to work on several separate audio tracks to create a more complex and detailed soundtrack.

These advanced techniques often require more specific skills and tools, but they can add real value to the video soundtrack.

What are the tools for making a video mix ?

There are various tools for making a quality video mix. Here are the main ones:

Video editing software

Video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, etc. allow you to perform a complete video mix, adjusting the various sound elements of the video.

Video mixing plugins

Plugins such as iZotope, Waves, FabFilter, etc. can be added to video editing software to enhance audio mixing capabilities. They offer advanced features such as noise reduction, equalization, compression, etc.

Quality equipment for professional mixing

Equipment such as studio monitors, quality headphones, audio interfaces, professional microphones, etc. are necessary to achieve a professional mix.

It’s important to choose the tools best suited to your needs and skill level.

What are the tips and tricks for successful video mixing ?

Here are some tips and tricks for successful video mixing:

Preparing your mix

Before starting the mix, it’s important to listen to and sort the different audio tracks to determine which elements to emphasize and which to attenuate. It’s also important to ensure that the sound levels of the different tracks are balanced.

Working with studio monitors

Studio monitors are designed for accurate and faithful listening to the soundtrack. So it’s important to work with studio monitors to achieve a precise, high-quality mix.

Use audio effects sparingly

Audio effects can improve the result, but it’s important to use them sparingly to avoid an artificial sound. It is advisable to start with simple settings and adjust gradually.

Take into account the broadcast environment

It’s important to take into account the video’s broadcast environment (TV, cinema, smartphone, etc.) to adapt the mix accordingly. For example, a mix that is too weak may be difficult to hear in a noisy environment.

Take time to fine-tune the mix


A good video mix requires time and patience to adjust each sound element. It’s important to take the time to fine-tune the mix to achieve a quality soundtrack.


In short, making a quality video mix requires patience, time and the right tools. By following the tips and tricks presented in this article, it’s possible to create a professional mix. It’s also possible to capture the audience’s attention. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, don’t hesitate to explore the various techniques and fine-tune your mix for optimum results. With practice and experience, you can create quality soundtracks that add real value to your video productions. So get started and improve your video mixing now!

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