How to write a press release for an event?

Learn how to write a press release for an event with our practical tips and concrete examples.
faire un communiqué de presse pour un évènement

Organizing an event can be a real challenge, but the work doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve got everything planned and ready, it’s time to make sure your event gets maximum media coverage. That’s where the press release comes in, an essential communication tool for any event organizer. But how do you write a press release for an event? In this article, we’ll give you practical advice on how to write an effective press release that will attract journalists’attention and increase the visibility of your event. We’ll also present concrete examples to help you better understand how to make a successful press release.

What are the key elements of a press release ?

The key elements of a press release are:

The title

The title must be clear, concise and catchy to attract journalists’attention.

The hat

The chapeau, or lead, is a sentence or paragraph that summarizes the press release’s essential information and should make the journalist want to read on.

The body copy

The body text is the main part of the press release, which must explain the event, product or service in question. It must answer the essential questions that journalists ask: what, where, when, who, why.


Quotes are used to give a personal point of view or opinion on the event or subject covered in the press release. They can be from a company spokesperson, an expert, or any other person connected with the event.

Quotes are used to give a personal viewpoint or opinion on the event or subject covered in the press release.

Contact details

At the end of a press release, it’s important to mention contact details so that journalists can reach you easily if they need to. This can include an e-mail address, phone number or website.

In summary, a good press release should be clear, concise, attractive and informative. It should provide the essential information about the event or product, while arousing journalists’interest so that they will talk about it in their media.

The press release must be clear, concise, attractive and informative.

How to write an effective press release ?

To write a press release for an event, here are some practical tips:

Be concise and clear


A press release should be short and easy to read. Use simple, direct sentences to explain the gist of the information. Limit your release to one or two pages maximum.

Use an interesting angle

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases every day. To stand out, find an original and interesting angle that will grab their attention. Think about what would make your event or product unique.

Customize your press release


Don’t send the same press release to every media outlet. Tailor it to the target audience. For example, adapt the tone and vocabulary according to the type of media (print, radio, television).

Include quotes

Quotes from experts, people involved in the event or well-known personalities can add credibility to your press release. They can also provide an interesting point of view on the event or product.

Avoid excessive self-promotion

Your press release should be informative and interesting to journalists, not simply an advertisement for your company or event. Stay factual and objective.

Respect journalistic standards

A press release should follow journalistic standards in terms of presentation, style and content. Use capital letters for headlines and quotation marks for quotes.

What are Examples of successful press releases ?

There are many examples of successful press releases. These press releases have attracted the media’s attention and generated widespread coverage. Here are just a few:

  • The Apple press release announcing the launch of the iPhone in 2007: this press release was short, clear and to the point. It highlighted the iPhone’s innovative features, and attracted worldwide media interest.
  • The Coca-Cola press release announcing the “Share a Coke” campaign: this press release succeeded in creating a viral buzz by proposing that consumers personalize Coca-Cola bottles with first names. The campaign generated extensive media coverage and engaged consumers on social networks.
  • The SpaceX press release announcing the first manned flight of the Dragon capsule: this press release generated media interest by announcing a historic event in space exploration. It was informative and precise, yet short enough to be easily understood by the general public.
  • The Nike press release announcing the release of the Air Jordan shoe: this press release created excitement for the brand and raised consumers’expectations. It highlighted the shoe’s innovative features and introduced Michael Jordan as a brand ambassador.

In summary, successful press releases are those that are concise, clear, informative and offer an original and interesting angle. They should attract the attention of journalists and the target audience by presenting the innovative features of a product or event.


In summary, an effective press release can help get your event or product in front of a wide audience through media coverage. Using the tips mentioned above, you can make a press release for an event. Your press release will certainly attract the attention of journalists and the media. Don’t forget to personalize your message for your target audience. Also respect journalistic standards to maximize your chances of success. So don’t hesitate to write an effective press release to publicize your event or product. It will increase your media visibility.

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