How do I make a customer reminder call?

Optimize your telephone reminder with our practical tips. Effective advice for successful communication.
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Do you want to improve your customer relations and increase your sales in 2023? Then don’t miss our article on customer relaunch by phone! We’ll give you concrete advice on how to make your follow-ups a success, improve your telephone communication and avoid common mistakes. Follow our practical tips and ensure successful communication with your customers.

Why is customer telephone follow-up important?

Customer follow-up by telephone is a crucial part of any company’s sales strategy. It enables you to maintain a regular link with customers, remind them of your company’s existence, and offer them new products or services. What’s more, telephone reminders are an effective way of answering customers’ questions, resolving their problems and offering them quality service. Last but not least, a successful telephone reminder can help build customer loyalty and increase sales, contributing to your company’s growth.

What are the key steps to a successful customer reminder by phone ?

Here are the key steps for a successful customer reminder by phone:


Before you call, prepare your script and sales pitches, as well as customer information.


Start by introducing yourself and explaining the purpose of your call. Be polite and courteous.

Active listening

Listen carefully to the customer and ask questions to better understand their needs and concerns.

Value proposition

Propose solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and highlight the advantages of your products or services.

Objection handling

If the customer raises objections, take the time to understand them and handle them with empathy.


Conclude the call by summarizing the next steps and thanking the customer for their time and trust.


Don’t forget to follow up by email or post to confirm the information discussed and to keep track of the exchange.

By following these key steps, you can optimize your customer follow-up by phone and increase your chances of success.

What are some practical tips for improving your telephone communication ?

Here are some practical tips for improving your telephone communication during a customer reminder:


Your smile is reflected in your voice and can help build trust with the customer.

Speak slowly and distinctly

Make sure the customer understands you by speaking at a moderate pace and articulating clearly.

Use clear, simple language

Avoid technical terms and complex phrases, and use simple, easily understood language.

Be a good listener

Listen carefully to the customer and show empathy for their needs and concerns.

Personalize your approach

Tailor your approach to your customer’s personality and needs.

Use notes

Note important information about the customer and your conversation to better understand their needs and ensure effective follow-up.

Keep your tone professional

Stay professional and courteous in all circumstances, even if the customer is hostile or difficult.

What are the mistakes to avoid when reminding customers by phone?

Here are the mistakes to avoid when reminding customers by phone:

Not being prepared

It is important to be well prepared for the call by knowing the customer’s information and preparing a reminder script.

Being too aggressive

An aggressive or insistent approach can annoy the customer and compromise the business relationship.

Not listening

Listening carefully to the customer is essential to understanding their needs and concerns, and to proposing appropriate solutions.

Not respecting timing

Calling the customer at an inconvenient time may disturb them and make them less receptive to your message.

Failing to deal with objections

Ignoring customer objections can frustrate them and jeopardize the business relationship.

Lack of clarity

Confusing language or unclear explanations can make relaunching ineffective and unconvincing.

Forgetting to follow up

Failing to follow up after the reminder can give the impression that the customer isn’t important to the company.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can optimize your customer telephone reminder and increase your chances of success.


In conclusion, reminding customers by telephone is an important step in maintaining a relationship of trust with your customers and increasing your sales. By following the key steps and avoiding common mistakes, you can optimize your telephone communication and make a success of your customer follow-ups. Don’t forget to listen, personalize your approach, and follow up to ensure customer satisfaction. So pick up the phone and start reminding your customers now!

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