How do I write a customer reminder letter?

Use our practical tips to write a professional dunning letter.
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Have you ever had to deal with customers who don’t respond to your sales reminders? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, maintaining clear, professional communication with your customers is crucial to ensuring a solid business relationship. In this article, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of writing an effective customer reminder letter that will help you win back business.

Defining a customer reminder letter

A customer dunning letter is a letter sent by a company or service provider to a customer to remind them of a due date, obtain a late payment, request a response to a commercial proposal or any other action necessary to move a current business forward.

The dunning letter is an important communication tool in the commercial relationship between the company and its customer, as it enables regular communication to be maintained and reminders of the commitments made by each of the parties. The dunning letter must be written in a professional and effective manner to be perceived as a friendly but firm reminder of the situation.

Situation analysis

Before writing your dunning letter, it’s important to analyze the situation carefully. Why are you reminding this particular customer? What’s the reason for his silence? Here are a few things to consider:

Why relaunch a customer?

Recontact can have several objectives: obtaining a late payment, requesting a response to a sales proposal, reminding of a deadline, etc. It’s important to clearly define the objective of your reminder to adapt the content of your letter accordingly.

When to remind a customer?

Timing is crucial in a reminder. It’s advisable to relaunch the customer as soon as the situation calls for it, without waiting too long. This shows your commitment and professionalism. However, it’s also important to respect the customer’s work rhythm and not to nag.

How to prepare your reminder


Before writing your letter, it’s important to gather all the necessary information about the customer and the current situation. This may include information on the contract, invoices, previous exchanges with the customer, etc. This preparation will enable you to personalize your reminder and show the customer that you are aware of the situation.

Drafting the dunning letter

Now that you’ve analyzed the situation and gathered all the necessary information, you’re ready to write your dunning letter. Here are a few tips to help you:

The structure of a dunning letter

Start with a polite greeting, follow with an introduction reminding the customer of the context, then get to the heart of your message by explaining the purpose of your reminder and the consequences of not responding. Conclude by proposing solutions and encouraging the customer to take action. Finally, conclude with a polite greeting.


Mistakes to avoid

Don’t use an aggressive or condescending tone, as this may alienate your customer and jeopardize your business relationship. Also avoid vague or overly general wording, be precise and clear in your message.

Key elements to include

It’s important to recall the context of your reminder, mentioning previous exchanges with the customer. Don’t hesitate to attach a copy of the contract or invoice in question to make it easier for the customer to understand. Finally, propose concrete solutions and encourage the customer to take action by giving a deadline.


By following these tips, your dunning letter will be professional and effective, and will enable you to recover ongoing business with your customers.

Tips for an effective dunning letter

Writing a dunning letter is an important first step, but to be effective, it is also important to follow a few practical tips:

Use a professional and empathetic tone

Show your customer that you’re listening to their needs and understand their situation. Adopt a friendly, professional tone to build a relationship of trust.

Personalize the reminder to suit the customer

Tailor your reminder to the customer and the situation. Avoid generic messages and show that you know your customer by referring to their needs or preferences.

Propose solutions and encourage action


Don’t just reiterate the situation, propose concrete solutions to solve the problem and prompt the customer to action by giving a clear deadline. This shows your commitment and professionalism.

By following these tips, you’ll increase your chances of recovering ongoing business with your customers and maintaining a solid business relationship.


In conclusion, the customer dunning letter is an essential tool for maintaining good communication with your customers and moving ongoing business forward. By following the advice in this article, you can write a professional and effective dunning letter that encourages your customer to take action. Don’t forget that a well thought-out reminder can not only recover overdue payments, but also strengthen the business relationship with your customers. So don’t hesitate to use these tips in your next customer reminder to achieve positive results and drive your business forward.

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