How do I write a cover letter?

Need help writing your cover letter? Find out which experts you can call on for an effective cover letter.
rédiger une lettre de motivation

The cover letter is often considered one of the key elements of a successful application. It allows you to present your motivations, skills and career path in a synthetic and convincing way. However, the writing of a cover letter can be complex, requiring time and specific skills. In this article, we’ll look at who you can call on to write your cover letter, and the different options available to you.

What does a cover letter consist of?

A cover letter is a document often required as part of an application for a job, training course or professional assignment. Its aim is to convince the recipient that the candidate is the most suitable for the position or assignment proposed. It also serves to highlight the candidate’s skills, motivations, professional experience and personal qualities.

The cover letter generally consists of three main parts: the introduction, the development and the conclusion. In the introduction, the candidate introduces himself and explains the purpose of his application. The development section provides a more detailed description of the candidate’s skills and experience in relation to the proposed position or assignment. Finally, the conclusion reiterates the candidate’s motivation for the position and suggests a meeting for an interview.

What are the steps to follow when writing a cover letter?

Here are the steps to follow when writing a cover letter:

Analyze the job offer


Before writing your cover letter, it&#8217s important to fully understand the job offer you&#8217re applying for. Analyze the skills and qualities required for the position, and note the key words that come up frequently.

Presenting yourself

In the introduction, briefly introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your application. Also indicate how you heard about the job offer.

Developing your arguments

In the body of your letter, develop the arguments that enable you to meet the offer’s requirements. Explain why you’re the ideal candidate, making the link with your experience and skills.

Valuing your experience

Highlight professional experience or achievements that are directly related to the job offer. Don’t hesitate to give concrete examples to back up your statements.

Demonstrating motivation

Show that you’re motivated for the position and that you’re ready to invest yourself. Explain why you’re interested in the industry or company and what your vision is for the future.

Concluding remarks

In the conclusion, reaffirm your motivation for the position and suggest a meeting for an interview. End your letter with an appropriate greeting.

Read and correct


Read your cover letter carefully to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Also have your letter proofread by someone you trust to get an outside opinion.

Who can you call on to write your cover letter?

There are various options for getting your cover letter written. Here are the main ones:

Recruitment professionals

Recruitment professionals, such as recruitment consultants or corporate recruitment managers, can provide their expertise in writing cover letters. They are familiar with recruiters’ expectations and can help to enhance the candidate’s skills and experience.

Employment services


Some organizations offer employment assistance services, such as Pôle Emploi or local missions. They can offer advice on how to write a cover letter, or even training workshops.

Some organizations offer employment assistance services, such as Pôle Emploi or local missions.

Writing professionals

Professional copywriters, such as freelance copywriters or communications agencies, can also offer their services for cover letter writing. They can bring their expertise in written communication to optimize the candidate’s presentation. If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter, we recommend you visit BeFreelancr.

Family and friends

Finally, you can ask relatives or friends to help you write your cover letter. However, it’s important to make sure that the person you choose has mastered the rules of professional writing and is capable of delivering quality work.

How to choose the best service provider to write your cover letter?

To choose the best service provider to write your cover letter, here are a few criteria to consider:


First, choose a service provider with expertise in cover letter writing. Make sure he or she knows what recruiters expect, and knows how to make the most of your skills and experience.

Quality of services

Next, find out about the quality of the services offered by the service provider. Ask for examples of cover letters he or she has already written for other customers. Also check reviews and recommendations from previous clients.


In addition, the price is an important criterion, but it should not be the only criterion for choice. Compare the rates offered by several service providers, but don’t neglect the quality of the services.


By the way, make sure that the service provider is available to answer your questions and to work within the allotted timeframe.


Finally, the service provider needs to listen to your needs and expectations. Make sure he or she communicates easily with you and respects your choices and guidelines.

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