How do you reword a blog post?

Would you like to know how to rephrase a blog post? Read on to find out.
reformuler un article de blog

Rephrasing a blog article can be a daunting task, but it is essential for improving the quality and relevance of its content. Rewording can help avoid plagiarism, improve readability and comprehension, adapt to different audiences or platforms, and improve SEO. However, it is important to reformulate without losing the meaning and tone of the original article, and without altering the facts or main ideas. In this article, we’ll discuss the different techniques for reformulating a blog post, useful tools and resources, and best practices for creating unique and original content.

Why reformulate a blog post?

Reformulating a blog post can bring several benefits to its content. Here are the main reasons why it may be necessary to reformulate a blog post:

Avoiding plagiarism

Rephrasing helps to avoid copying another author’s content and appropriating their ideas or words. By reformulating the original content with your own words and sentence structure, you avoid any risk of plagiarism.

Improving readability and comprehension

Rephrasing a blog post can improve its readability by simplifying sentences or using more accessible terms. This also makes it easier for the reader to understand the content.

S’adapting to different audiences or platforms

Depending on the target audience or distribution channel, it may be necessary to adapt the original content using language that is more technical, simpler or more suited to the culture or geography of its audience.

Improving SEO

Rephrasing a blog post can also improve the search engine optimization of its content. By using synonyms or different expressions, you can target new keywords or search phrases to achieve greater online visibility.

What are the techniques for reformulating a blog post ?

There are several reformulation techniques for rewriting a blog post without altering its meaning or main ideas. Here are a few common methods:

Changing sentence structure

Reorganizing sentence structure can help to reformulate a text. For example, changing word order, inverting sentences or transforming complex phrases into simple ones can make the text clearer and easier to read.

Changing words and synonyms

By using synonyms to replace certain words, we can avoid repeating terms and make the text more varied. It is also possible to use antonyms or opposite expressions to add contrast or nuance.

Using idiomatic expressions or common phrases

Using idiomatic expressions or common phrases can make text more natural and easier to read. However, care should be taken not to use expressions that don’t match the tone or style of the original article.

Reorganizing paragraphs and ideas

Reorganizing paragraphs and ideas can change the overall structure of the article to make it clearer or more coherent. This can include deleting, adding or merging paragraphs, or restructuring the hierarchy of ideas.

What tools and resources are useful for reformulating a blog post ?

There are several tools and resources that can be useful for reformulating a blog post. Here are a few examples:

Synonym dictionaries

Online synonym dictionaries, such as or the Reverso synonym dictionary, can help find equivalent words to replace repetitive terms.

Online paraphrasing tools

There are several free online paraphrasing tools, such as Prepostseo, Paraphrase-Online, or, which automatically rewrite text using synonyms and different turns of phrase.

Automatic rewriting software

Automatic rewriting software, such as SpinnerChief or Spin Rewriter, can also be useful for reformulating text. These tools use sophisticated algorithms to change words and sentence structures while retaining the meaning of the original text.

Professional rewriting services

Finally, for larger projects or quality issues, it can be useful to call on professional rewriting services, such as BeFreelancr, Textbroker, Greatcontent, or Human Rewriter. These platforms have freelancers who offer high-quality manual rewriting services, often carried out by specialist copywriters.

What are the best practices for rewording ?

To reformulate a blog post effectively and responsibly, here are a few best practices to follow:

Understanding the subject and purpose of the original article

Before starting to reformulate an article, it’s important to understand the subject and main ideas of the original article. This will help preserve the article’s meaning and tone, while improving its readability and clarity.

Respecting copyright

When reformulating an article, it is essential to respect copyright and not copy or plagiarize the original content. It is advisable to cite sources where necessary, and to ensure that the new content is sufficiently different from the original.

Do not alter facts or main ideas

Rephrasing involves changes in structure and word choice. However, it is important not to alter the facts or main ideas of the original article. Key information must be preserved and conveyed accurately and faithfully.

Avoiding redundancy and repetition

When rewording, it’s important to avoid redundancy and repetition of terms and ideas. Using synonyms and changing sentence structures can help improve the clarity of the text. Similarly, organizing paragraphs differently can help to improve coherence.

Read and revise new content

Finally, it’s important to proofread new content. It needs to be revised to ensure that it’s clear, coherent and easy to understand. Proofreading also detects errors of grammar, punctuation or style. These errors could alter the quality of the new content.

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