How to delegate your Twitter account?

Learn how to delegate your Twitter account safely with our practical tips and maximize your time and efficiency.
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Are you a busy entrepreneur or professional who doesn’t have the time to manage your Twitter account effectively? Would you like to delegate this task to maximize your time and efficiency, but don’t know how to do it safely? Look no further! In this article, we’re going to give you some practical advice on how to delegate your Twitter account with confidence and ensure your brand image remains consistent. Discover how to delegate intelligently to stay active on Twitter without spending all your time there.

Why delegate your Twitter account?

There are several reasons why it can be interesting to delegate the management of your Twitter account:

Lack of time

Managing a Twitter account can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to finding and sharing relevant content, interacting with followers, keeping up with trends and hashtags. Delegating this task can save time so you can concentrate on other professional activities.

Need expertise

If you aren’t a social networking expert or don’t have the skills to manage your Twitter account effectively, delegating this task to a professional can guarantee quality management for your account.

Extending your reach

By delegating your Twitter account to a professional, you can benefit from their network and reach to reach a wider audience and increase your visibility on social networks.

What are the risks of delegating your Twitter account ?

There are certain risks associated with delegating a Twitter account, including:


Loss of control

By delegating the management of your Twitter account, you lose some of your control over the messages and brand image you want to convey. If the delegate publishes inappropriate or clumsy messages, this can damage your brand image and reputation.

Poor online reputation management

If the delegate does not properly manage responses to negative comments or reviews, this can have a negative impact on your brand image and online reputation.

Legal consequences

If the delegate publishes defamatory messages or copyrighted images, you may be liable for the legal consequences.

It is therefore important to choose your delegate carefully and implement supervisory measures to avoid these risks.

How to delegate your Twitter account safely.

To delegate your Twitter account safely, here are a few important steps to follow:

Choosing the right delegate

It is important to select a trusted and competent person to manage your Twitter account. Check their work history and references to make sure they’ve got the right skills to manage your account.

Establish a delegation charter

It is recommended to establish a delegation charter that defines the roles and responsibilities of each party. This charter should also include clear guidelines on the types of posts to be published, posting frequencies, responses to comments, etc.

Implement effective supervision


Make sure you regularly supervise the management of your Twitter account to check that the guidelines in the delegation charter are being followed. This will enable you to quickly detect any problems and resolve them before they damage your brand image.

It is also important to choose a delegate with expertise in managing social networks, as well as to communicate well and to’establish clear objectives for managing your Twitter account.

What are the Twitter account delegation tools ?

There are several account delegation tools that can make it easier for a delegate to manage your account, such as:


This free tool lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts at once, schedule tweets and track hashtags and conversations in real time.


Hootsuite is a social network management platform that lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single interface. It also offers content scheduling, mention tracking and reporting capabilities.


Buffer is a content planning application for social networks. It lets you plan tweets in advance and publish them at strategic times. It also offers performance analysis to assess the impact of your tweets.


CoSchedule is a content management platform. It allows you to plan tweets, collaborate with other team members and track tweet performance.


AgoraPulse is a social network management platform. It offers content planning, mention tracking and team collaboration features for managing your Twitter account.

What are the best practices for successful Twitter account delegation ?

Here are some best practices for successful Twitter account delegation:

Establishing a relationship of trust

Delegating a Twitter account requires a relationship of trust between the delegate and the account owner. It’s therefore important to choose a trusted person who shares your values and vision for your brand.

Defining clear objectives

Before delegating your Twitter account, make sure you define clear objectives and performance indicators. This is to measure the success of your Twitter strategy. This will help the delegate to better understand your expectations and direct their actions accordingly.

Establish clear guidelines

It’s important to establish clear guidelines for managing your Twitter account. For example, the types of posts to publish, posting times, responses to comments, etc. These guidelines should be documented in a delegation charter. This is to ensure mutual understanding between owner and delegate.

Training the delegate

Before delegating your Twitter account, make sure the delegate is trained in social network management. The same applies if they’re trained in the specifics of your Twitter account. You can provide resources, training or tutorials to help the delegate better understand your Twitter strategy.

Supervise your account management on a regular basis

It’s important to regularly supervise the management of your Twitter account. This is to ensure that guidelines are being followed and objectives are being met. You can also take advantage of these moments to discuss the results achieved with the delegate. But also to adjust the strategy if necessary.

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