How to write a short, simple cover letter?

Tips for writing a concise, effective cover letter: write simply to convince recruiters in just a few lines.
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Are you looking to apply for a new job but don’t know where to start with your cover letter? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to give you some simple tips for writing a short, punchy cover letter that will catch recruiters’attention. Whether you’re beginning to write cover letters or looking to improve your skills, these tips will help you stand out from the competition and land the job of your dreams.

What is a cover letter ?

A cover letter is a document in which a candidate for a job, internship or training course presents his or her motivations, skills and experience in relation to the position or training targeted. It generally accompanies the candidate’s CV, giving a more personal dimension to their application by expressing their motivations and passion for the position or company in question.

The cover letter is an essential tool for convincing recruiters of the relevance of your application and its suitability for the position on offer. It must therefore be carefully drafted and consistent with the candidate’s profile and skills.

The cover letter is an essential tool for convincing recruiters that your application is relevant and suitable for the position on offer.

Why write a simple, short cover letter?

It’s important to choose a simple, short cover letter for several reasons:

Hireers’ attention


Recruiters often receive numerous applications and don’t have the time to read long, complex cover letters. A simple, short letter is easier to read and understand, and quickly captures the recruiter’s attention.

The clarity of the message

A simple, short cover letter conveys a clear, concise message. It should be clearly structured and highlight the most important elements of the application, making it easier to understand and remember the message.

The effectiveness of the application


A short, simple cover letter is more effective in convincing recruiters of the relevance of the application. It highlights skills and experience directly related to the position and the target company, which reinforces the application’s credibility.

In short, a simple, short cover letter allows you to stand out from other candidates by offering a clear, concise and punchy application.

What are the key elements of a simple, short cover letter ?

The key elements for writing a simple, short cover letter are:

The header and presentation

The header must contain the contact details of the candidate and the recipient of the letter. The presentation should be neat and professional.


The tagline must be punchy and grab the recruiter’s attention from the very first lines.

The presentation of the candidate and his/her skills

This section should highlight the candidate’s skills, experience and achievements in relation to the target position.

Motivation for the position and the company

This section should express the candidate’s motivation and enthusiasm for the position and company in question. It should show that the candidate has knowledge of the company and its challenges. It should also reflect an understanding of the expectations of the position.


The conclusion should express the wish to meet the recruiter for an interview. It also serves to thank the recruiter for the attention given to the application.

It’s important to structure these elements clearly and concisely. To achieve this, the cover letter should be no longer than one A4 page.

The cover letter should be as clear and concise as possible.

What are the best tips for writing your cover letter simple and short ?

Here are a few tips on how to write a short, simple cover letter successfully:

Reading and proofreading

The cover letter must be carefully reread and corrected. This is to avoid spelling, grammatical and syntactical errors that could damage the credibility of the application.

Suitability for the company and the job


The cover letter must be adapted to the company and the target position. The candidate must therefore do some research on the company and the position to show interest and knowledge of the company and the industry.

Customization and originality

The cover letter must reflect the candidate’s personality and skills, while standing out from other applications. It’s therefore important to add a personal and original touch to the letter.

The use of action verbs and keywords


The cover letter should highlight the candidate’s achievements and skills, using action verbs and keywords relevant to the position and target company.

Concise and clear


The cover letter must be concise and clear, avoiding excessively long sentences or superfluous information. The structure of the letter should be easy for the recruiter to understand.


In conclusion, the simple, short cover letter is an indispensable tool for standing out from other candidates during a job search. The candidate must take care to structure and personalize his or her letter to reflect his or her personality, skills and motivation.

In conclusion, a simple, short cover letter is an essential tool for standing out from other candidates during a job search.

By following the above tips, the candidate can write a punchy cover letter. This will enable him/her to land an interview and get closer to his/her career goal.

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