Should you hire a salaried or freelance assistant?

Salaried or freelance assistant? What's the right choice? Discover the advantages and disadvantages to find the best choice.

Hiring an assistant is often a crucial step for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to delegate certain administrative and organizational tasks. However, the choice between a salaried assistant and a freelance assistant can be a difficult one to make. Both options have unique advantages and disadvantages that can impact the success of your business. In this article, we’ll look at the key differences between these two options to help you make an informed decision on which will best suit your needs.

The pros and cons of hiring a salaried assistant

Here’s a more detailed description of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a salaried assistant:


–        Stability

A salaried assistant is hired for a fixed term, which brings a certain stability to the company.

–       Engagement

The salaried assistant has an employment contract and is therefore more committed to his work than a freelancer would be.

–        Training

The company has the opportunity to train its salaried assistant according to its needs, which can contribute to improving the quality of work.

–        Loyalty

An employee assistant can develop a sense of belonging to the company and thus remain loyal to his employer.

–       Schedule management

The company can organize the employee assistant’s working hours to suit its needs.

–        Consistent communication

A salaried assistant working for the company full-time can ensure consistent communication with the company’s customers or partners.


–        High cost

A salaried assistant generally costs more than a freelancer due to social charges and benefits.

–       Administrative constraints

Hiring a salaried assistant involves more red tape than hiring a freelance assistant.

–        Legal risks

In the event of a dispute with the salaried assistant, the company may face greater legal risks than with a freelancer.

–       Limited flexibility

The salaried assistant is hired for a fixed term and cannot easily be replaced when needed.

–        Difficulty finding the right person

Recruiting a salaried assistant can be a long and expensive process, and finding the right person for the job can be difficult.

The pros and cons of hiring a freelance assistant

Here’s a more detailed description of the pros and cons of hiring a freelance assistant:


–        Flexibility

A freelance assistant is more flexible in terms of availability and duration of assignments, which can be advantageous for one-off or short-term projects.

–       Lower costs

A freelance assistant often costs less than a salaried assistant due to the absence of social charges.

–       Specific expertise

A freelance assistant can bring specific expertise that may not be available in-house.

–        No social charges

In contrast to a salaried assistant, a freelance assistant does not generate social charges for the company.

–        Easy to find suitable profiles

It’s often easier to find a freelancer with the right skills for a specific assignment than it is to find an employee.


–        Lack of engagement

A freelancer isn’t committed to the company and may therefore lack commitment to their work.

–        Difficulty managing remote communication

It can be more difficult to communicate with a freelancer, especially if they are located in another country or region.

–       Risks of delays

Delays in deliveries are more frequent with freelancers, especially if they have other projects on the go.

–        Little control over the’organization and quality of work

The company has less control over how the freelancer organizes their work and the quality of their work than it does for an employee.

Should you hire a salaried or freelance assistant ? My opinion

After examining the pros and cons of recruiting a salaried or freelance assistant, my personal opinion is that recruiting a freelance assistant may be more advantageous for companies.

First of all, flexibility is a key advantage of using a freelance assistant. Indeed, companies often have one-off or short-term needs, and a freelancer can offer a flexibility and availability not always possible with an employee. What’s more, the costs involved in hiring a freelance assistant are often lower, as there are no social security charges, and freelancers often have lower overheads. Another advantage is the possibility of finding very specific profiles tailored to the company’s needs. Online freelance platforms such as BeFreelancr, ComeUp,, Upwork, Malt or Freelancer make it possible to find qualified assistants in very specific fields, and offer advanced search options to refine results.

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